Grand Overall Winner!

From the Judges:  “I love this project – the integration into the landscape, the use of natural materials, the design to withstand the weather of the Gallatin Gateway area. Well done!”

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CSI is very excited to announce that the Gallatin Gateway Project, completed in 2015, has been awarded “Green Home of the Year” by Green Builder Media! Green Builder Magazine found that this Montana home, out of many contestants from around the world, exceeded their expectations in terms of overall sustainability, resilience, synergy with the surrounding neighborhood and environment, depth of building science employed, and of course, creativity. Though the house may have turned out even greater than first envisioned, the construction process definitely posed a challenge. When clients approached our architect Mike Wiseman, and owner Rob Evans, they wanted just one simple task: To design and build a two-story home for their premium parcel near Gallatin Gateway. Sounded easy enough, right?

As it turned out, the neighborhood below had created covenants to protect their views of the mountains, meaning that any development on the “bench” above, where this property is located, must not be visible from their land. In learning this, Wiseman and Evans took a 20-foot section of PVC to the site in order test potential visibility from the other residence. The two quickly learned that anything over 10 feet high was visible and therefore out of the question. That’s when Rob half jokingly said, “Well… we could bury it.”

So, that’s exactly what they did.

To their surprise, the homeowners liked the idea, and design for this hidden home began immediately. After finding imagery of homesteads and agricultural buildings that were half buried in order to sway the Design Review Board, the final design was created. Nestled comfortably into the earth, this home is sheltered from the strong winds and cold temperatures that are so typical for this area. But, not only does this house prove to be functional and practical, it truly is a work of art – displaying the innovation and attention to sustainability that any Montana home deserves.    

Thank you again to Green Builder Media and Magazine for showcasing this home, and thank you to the wonderful homeowners who really understand what it means to build a home that not only lasts, but supports its surrounding community and landscape.

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