How Design-Build Works for Custom Homes

Design Build Concept for Montana House Constructive Solutions, Inc. is one of the few true design-build companies in the state of Montana. The CSI team provides full architectural and general contracting services, with a fully licensed architectural staff and is a state registered general contracting business. These two entities of the building creation process are housed under one roof and work together as a team on all endeavors. Under the standard model of construction, the architect and general contractor work for separate companies. Although both try to work for the owner’s best interest in making a project a reality, any miscommunication along the way can lead to an adversarial relationship between the architect and general contractor, with the project owner getting caught in the middle. In reality, both parties approach the project from different angles with similar goals, but often different sets of information and priorities. The underlying tension often present on a project is the inability to reconcile these differences in pursuit of shared goals. Although Constructive Solutions, Inc. functions as one company, services are offered individually. Whether CSI performs all aspects of a project or only part, the tangible benefits are still present.

Why Design-Build is Better for Architectural Design

Why Design-Build is Better for Construction

Why Design-Build is Better for Projects

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