Connor Hasse, Intern

Connor Hasse was born in Nevada and grew up in Washington State. As a young child, he enjoyed watching construction sites and playing with Legos to create unique structures. This led him to be interested in architecture from a young age. He also enjoyed being active outdoors, participating in organized sports, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and climbing. He was accepted to Montana State University and moved to Bozeman after high school. His decision to attend Montana State resulted from his desire to get a top notch education and enjoy the outdoor wonderland that Montana has to offer. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in environmental design in 2022 and is currently working on his Architecture Master’s Degree. Connor has the unique opportunity to combine his love of the outdoors and interest in the construction industry with his educational degree. This will allow him to produce designs that decrease the disconnect between contractors and designers, spaces that are environmentally thoughtful, and comfortable for people to inhabit.

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