David Griff, CEO

While David is originally from NYC and grew up in Washington, DC, it took him well into his 40’s to finally figure out that the mountains of Montana offered a much better life. “Better Late than Never.”

David was the kid who took the toaster apart (and even occasionally managed to get it back together). Always one to work with his hands, it only took till he was 16 to take the engine out of a car and rebuild it, (yes, it ran afterward).

Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, David started his professional life as a rocket scientist working on a total of 6 scientific instruments that got flown on a spacecraft.

From rocket science, David worked for a defense contractor working on the self-destruct system for the original Patriot Missile System and an underwing pod designed to mimic different missiles’ radio signal profiles.

From the defense world, David took his first steps into the building trades as a designer for an MEPFP engineer, David took a detour into the tech world as the IT manager of a consulting firm and then a company that built command and control centers.

But the building trades called him back and he started and ran a remodeling contracting company in Washington until he closed it to move to Montana in 2014.

Once in Montana, David first found work running the operations of a small concrete contractor until October 2016 when he moved into his role with Constructive Solutions.

David lives in Bozeman with his partner, their Akita, and a 22-year-old snake. When not building something, David can usually be found in the kitchen, or garage doing his best to combine passions. Currently, he is working on building a curing chamber to make homemade cured salami and prosciutto.


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