Our Commitment to Creating Sustainably Built Montana Homes​

Sustainably built ranch in Montana

Sustainable Home Design and Construction

CSI has, from its inception, been committed to the long term viability of projects they’ve been involved with- both environmentally and economically. CSI’s processes are geared toward efficiency and responsible resource use right from the start, so sustainable design and construction is simply a matter of how things get done, not an additional service. The team at CSI has worked hard to create a reputation for sustainable design and construction, and that effort has paid off in numerous projects with LEED, NAHB Green and Energy Star certifications, a national award recognizing green design and construction, and the satisfaction of many of their clients.

Thermal Imaging and Building Envelope Commissioning

Constructive Solutions, Inc. employs thermal imaging, blower door testing and duct blasting as an integral part of almost all projects. These tools allow CSI to analyze many “hidden” aspects of a building’s envelope and mechanical systems and find potential deficiencies. In 2016, CSI helped establish Infrared Solutions as a new partner in the thermography field, and the two companies work closely together to develop in-depth reports and analyses. CSI has long been a proponent of energy efficiency as the first step to energy savings, and assessing existing buildings for energy retrofit opportunities is a great way to determine where the best return on investment can be found. After the creation of a detailed thermal imaging report, CSI can help clients understand what deficiencies exist, the best way to address them, and prioritize them based on greatest return. Thermal imaging can be used to pinpoint insulation deficiencies, air infiltration, electrical overloading and potential water intrusion among other issues. In new construction, thermal imaging and duct blasting can be used to verify performance before correction becomes a costly endeavor.

Return on Investment and Financial Analysis of your New Home Build

As a business, Constructive Solutions understands that any decision made has a cost impact, and finding how these affect the bottom line is a key part of the decision making equation. Occupant comfort, energy savings, aesthetics and initial investment are just a few variables that come to bear on a project’s viability. CSI invests significant time analyzing their own projects and data mining for useful information that can inform future projects. With their depth of experience and network of professional partners, CSI can produce cost-benefit analyses, explore project phasing, create simulations and models, and get their clients the information they need to make the best decisions going forward.

Projects which have been awarded a green rating or other recognition

Legends Residence: 2007, LEED Silver; First LEED for Homes certified project in the State of Montana

Pinnacle Star Residence: 2012, LEED Silver

Old West Trail Residence: 2015, LEED Gold

Gateway Residence: 2016 Greenbuilder Media “Green Home of the Year”

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