Anita V

After our major remodel in 2006, we were hopeful we had done the energy thing right, but as the winters passed it was clear we were hemorrhaging heat. So we began a systematic analysis of trying to pinpoint the problems. After several dead-end consultations and improvements, we had whole house thermography done and it showed the bad news. We were very troubled, but the folks from Constructive Solutions were true to their name and came through with an effective and affordable fix. They were very easy to work with and totally considerate of our home and living spaces. their crews arrived on time and planning was such that all workman or materials were secured and we experienced no down time once the job began. One day after their crew had left we we knew we were living in a different home. These folks know what they are doing!

About Constructive Solutions, Inc.

Custom design and construction located in Bozeman, MT.
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