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Rob Evans, his team and Constructive Solutions have been a part of our reconstruction project on Koch Street for five years. They have helped us with concrete projects, sidewalks, garage, driveway, and a very unusual large scale iron and concrete picnic table. Additionally, they were the prime contractor on our basement total remodel which included extensive repairs to our den and opening stairs down into the basement which had previously been a separate apartment. Their work is always the highest quality and craftsmanship, no cut corners, no substandard materials, first class all the way. Probably the thing I like most about Rob and his team is their openness and creativity. Our remodel was nothing standard. It involved old barn wood, beams ,and rusted metal. The shower is a great example of rock bottom, metal sides, and crafted copper shower head. If you have an idea and a concept, Rob and Lincoln can bring your dream to reality. Our home was built prior to 1900, and they treated it with the same love and respect we do.

They do good work, on time, on budget, and with class. If you need a whole house, a
remodel, or a small concrete or carpentry job, you should consider Constructive
Solutions. They will not disappoint you.

About Constructive Solutions, Inc.

Custom design and construction located in Bozeman, MT.
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