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If you are looking for a builder that can build a house, open up the Bozeman phone book. If you are looking for a builder who can build a home, we would highly recommend Rob Evans, owner of a future oriented and innovative company called Constructive
Solutions, Inc..

When we arrived in Bozeman we had dreams of building a home that would express our environmental concerns and our desire to live sustainably. We wanted our home to be welcoming, beautiful, and practical. We interviewed local architects and builders and talked to friends who had built homes, but found it very difficult to locate someone who was able to meet our needs and who held similar values to our own. We wanted to help design our home and work on the construction as well.

After many years of searching for an existing home to remodel, we met Rob and began to study the homes he had built in the area, admiring his qualitycraftsmanship and attention to every detail. His engaging personality and enthusiasm for his work is apparent when he talks about “shifting” the way people think about home construction. Rob is LEED
certified and is the “Energy Star” when it comes to understanding what it means to build a home that belongs to the future of our planet.

A successful home building experience is dependent on everyone’s ability to communicate. Rob is at ease and is very serious about listening to each person’s needs. The design-build process is exciting, creative and intense. Rob’s group of
engineers, his architect and his crew are looking to manifest your personal desires while assuring that your home will be at it’s economical, functional best behavior.

Look for Rob on the job site most every day. He is personally involved with every detail and makes himself available when you need him. Each person on his crew is highly qualified, personable and ready to help in all situations. From the start of the construction, roughly 6 months ago, it has been an exciting, fun and satisfying experience. We can’t say enough good things about this man who takes home construction to the next level of excellence. He builds it like it will be his own. Rob Evans is a superior builder and throughout this process, has become our personal friend.


About Constructive Solutions, Inc.

Custom design and construction located in Bozeman, MT.
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