Matthew Kaminsky, Bozeman Architect

Living and working all over the country, Matt Kaminsky has experienced
designing almost every type of architecture imaginable. That wide
range of style and substance has been both a driver and a result of his
understanding that architecture is collaboration as well as problem solving.
Growing up in Texas building decks in the summer heat, his studies in
Illinois and their emphasis on structure provided an important grounding in
the basics of design and engineering. Moving to Florida to design beach
houses and attend graduate, school he received an increased emphasis on
conceptual design. This was bolstered by work on theme parks, cementing
his methodology that compositional tests should be addressed creatively
with the whole project in mind. Especially while working on projects
required to meet specific requirements, such as Affordable Housing and
public schools, this dedication to finding design opportunities while working
towards a project’s necessary goals, has allowed him to imbue his work
with the same ethos of collaboration and creativity he sees as the goal of

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