Works in Progress

As a design-build firm employing some of the most talented craftsmen and women in the WIP-bulb-diamond-finalGallatin Valley, Constructive Solutions, Inc. has been lucky enough to produce some incredible custom furniture and installation pieces for many of our clients.

Unfortunately, after the project, these pieces will only be seen by their new owner or perhaps in a photograph. Recently, CSI decided to present more of these works to the public, and opened a new creative studio and design space called Works in Progress, located in the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture.

room view

Suite 223, Emerson Center for Arts and Culture

The initial concept was to simply provide a showroom for our custom creations, but almost immediately the space evolved into an idea lab where concepts, ideas, discussion and creations transition into reality.

The unique, historic venue of the Emerson provides the perfect atmosphere for visitors to experience some of CSI’s more innovative endeavors.